African Princess Elevates to Mafo of Baleng

AfricanPrincess Elevated to

Mafo (Queen) of Baleng People

Professor Anita M Diop, the Executive Director of African Roots and Heritage Foundation has been elevated from the status of African Princess, a title given nearly 30 years ago for her passionate work to uplift, motivate and inspire all people of African descent. Being duly honored by The FO Negou II His Majesty, Negou Tela Guilliame Alain Roi du Peuple Baleng to receive the title of Mafo (Queen) of the Baleng people with all rights, privileges, status and honor and prestige, on November 18, 2022 in the Royal Palace of Baleng, situated in the Western Region of Cameroon.

In all humility, Mafo Anita Marie accepted the honor and with all power to uphold the duty and respect of this new office. May every endeavor receive its blessings in her hands.

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